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Prevent theft of drugs from internal and external criminals with the right pharmacy safe from American Security

Opioid addiction is a serious problem in the US. Without proper security, your pharmacy could be facing threats from professional criminals and employees alike. American Security makes three distinct products to prevent burglaries and internal theft. Our pharmacy safes are built to Board of Pharmacy specifications to keep you in compliance and protect your inventory.

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How Walgreens is using timed drug safes to protect patients and employees

Walgreens was one of the first major pharmacies to take steps to prevent theft of controlled substances by installing time-delayed safes from American Security. The narcotics safes can be locked by pharmacists which activates the time delay long enough for police to arrive and arrest the thieves.  

Serge Ahmad, Walgreens Security, says that the decision to install the American Security pharmacy safe was for “patient safety, customer safety, and the safety of our assets – it’s a good decision.”