Tube Vend Dispenser Solution

Most tube vend dispensers require manual counting of deposited money, but AMSEC’s CashWizard Smart Safe has sensors that automatically detect and accurately count the number of tubes being deposited.

AMSEC’s Tube Vend Dispenser helps c-store, retail and other organizations

  • Manage in-store change
  • Reduce the risk of internal theft
  • Streamline in-store management
  • Create greater efficiencies in retail operations

Users can

  • Log in from any device to a highly secure cloud portal to view the amount of cash and coin they have on hand
  • Easily access fully automatic reports for every cash transaction

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Why AMSEC is Your Solution:

For over 70 years, AMSEC has been protecting the cash of retailers with the most reliable and secure safes on the market. Founded in 1946, we focus heavily on innovation and developing technologically advanced safes to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Through listening to the unique needs and challenges of our customers, we learned they were searching for a more efficient way of managing their cash. They required the ability to remotely administer to their fleet of smart safes through computers, smartphones, or tablets

“All of our staff seems to love it (CashWizard smart safe), none of them cared much for counting money. In a thrift store there are lots of small bills. We used to fill out reports when making cash drops to the bank and the whole process is now gone. They simply feed the safe and attach the receipt, which provides a record of who dropped what.”

“The biggest thing is AMSEC’s responsiveness. They answered every question and exceeded our expectations, right down to the nitty gritty details. It is nice to have AMSEC on our side in the planning process. They have been very good with their communication between GARDA (courier service) and BLD in keeping everything on track.”