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CashWizard is a trusted name in smart safes by both top retailers and Fortune 500 companies. With over 100,000 safes shipped per year and an average customer relationship of more than 20 years, customers partner with us to secure their cash and streamline their cash management practices.

How Does a Smart Safe Work?

In contrast to the traditional “safe,” a smart safe uses state-of-the-art technology. It offers a wide variety of features to help businesses manage their cash more efficiently.

The three main components that comprise a smart safe are the keypad (or user interface), the bill validator, and the controller. The user interface allows managers, employees, and store owners to interact with the safe, based on a set of pre-configured permissions. Each person is only given enough access to do his or her job.

The bill validator provides an extra layer of security as it checks every single bill for validity to help prevent the acceptance of counterfeit cash. Compared to the traditional counterfeit ink pen, the bill validator is far more accurate and removes the risk of a tired or distracted employee from accidentally accepting fake money

Once the cash is validated, it’s moved internally to a deposit cassette for secure storage. Store owners or managers can log into the secure cloud to view cash  on hand and set custom events such near full alerts. This helps prevent daily bank runs and adds an additional layer of security to the cash management process.

Remote Management

The ability to manage the safe or fleet of safes remotely is one of the most significant advantages of a smart safe. Corporate or the store owner can set highly detailed custom permissions that allow employees and managers to perform their job duties.

Event alerts can be created to send out custom emails whenever a specified events occurs, such as the safe reaches a specific dollar amount, or when the door of the safe is opened. The robust analytics and reporting system helps ensure complete and total accountability for all who interact with the safe.


  • Superior build including dead-latch locking mechanisms and anti-pry doors
  • Multi Door Configuration with up to four single or bunch note bill readers
  • Spill–resistant keypad holding up to 500 users with easy onsite or remote user administration
  • Web-based software management providing visibility to critical business information including daily deposits
  • Automated reports and exception-based alerts

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Available in Multiple Configurations

1 – 4 bill readers, multiple door configurations, single or bunch note readers, 1200, 2400, or 4400 note cassette storage capacity, till store and manager lockers
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1200 Note Capacity

2400 Note Capacity

4400 Note Capacity