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Since 1946, AMSEC has been helping our customers protect their assets and automate their manual cash management practices. For over 70 years, we’ve built long-lasting relationships with some of the most recognized names in retail, fast-food restaurants, and many other industries that deal in cash.

Our decades of experience and dedication to customer service has given us the ability to understand the unique needs of our customers while providing them with viable solutions to their cash management challenges.

Our customers told us that they needed a comprehensive and secure solution to help improve their cash management practices. This is why we created the CashWizard line of smart safes for businesses. It helps automate many of the manual processes that are prone to human error and theft. This frees up the time of managers and cashiers to focus on running the business instead of tracking and reconciling receipts.

One of the most significant advantages to the CashWizard line of smart safes is our secure and comprehensive cloud that allows businesses to streamline their cash management processes. The robust analytics and reporting feature will help your business uncover hidden insights that can help you run the business more efficiently.

The remote management feature enables you to intelligently manage one or a fleet of smart safes. Custom user permissions, highly detailed audit reports, and configurable settings allow for maximum control over your safe or safes—and who has access to it.

The “event management” feature can send an email when one of several events happens on the safe. For example, it can be configured to send out an email alert any time the safe is almost full or any time the courier comes—or doesn’t come.  The safe will even send an alert if the courier arrives between a set time period—between the hours of 11 am and 2 pm. This level of granular control provides better visibility on your safes, the cash inside, and those who interact with them.

Our patented change order system will transform the way you place change orders. Through the CashWizard smart safe, your account is automatically debited when the change order is placed and credited when the daily credit file is sent to your bank. This will help simplify the reconciliation process greatly.

The CashWizard line of smart safes enables businesses of all sizes to improve and secure their cash management processes while streamlining manual and time-consuming processes. This allows you to focus on running your business while CashWizard focuses on managing and protecting your money.

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