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The Real Story Behind AMSEC’s Smart Technology Success:  Our Customers

AMSEC has been helping customers protect their business assets for over 70 years and their real-life success stories make us proud. The strong relationships AMSEC has built with our customers in a broad array of industries is as robust and smart as the products we make. Creating automated cash management solutions for our customers is just one way of giving back the time and energy they once wasted on manual processes.

From well-known names in retail, fast-food, education, hotels, education, retail, and government, AMSEC CashWizard Smart Safe customers are happy to share their stories about the reliability, efficient technology, and unmatched security of AMSEC products and services.

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What They’re Saying About Us

Testimonial – Sullivan

“For us there were a couple of key factors, the first was transparency – with the CashWizard remote management capabilities, we can see our cash. Over the past two years, we have not incurred any investigation costs normally associated with a lost deposit thanks to CashWizard. The second was the service. Time is money and with AMSEC, the average number of emails needed to resolve an issue is two – and usually, the issue is resolved by the end of the day. They are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. If an issue happens over the weekend, we don’t wait for Monday, it’s handled. Overall, as a customer, knowing that you have a vendor that partners with you and goes to tremendous lengths to ensure that you’re happy with their products and service, is not only extremely satisfying but also builds a level of trust that you don’t always find.”
Anne Sullivan, Director of Loss Prevention for CKE Restaurant Holdings, Inc

Testimonial – Quesenberry

“The CashWizard Smart Safe allowed us to vastly improve our security procedures and cash management practices. In stores that have smart safes, the money is deposited into the safe at the time of checkout. When compared to stores that still have traditional safes, this has dramatically reduced the number of hands that touch the cash until it reaches the bank. This leaves less room for human error, and managers no longer have to make multiple daily runs to the bank. It was obvious from the get-go that CashWizard offered more value than our previous smart safe company.”
Jeanne Quesenberry, Controller RPM Pizza

Testimonial – Hafez

“Thanks to CashWizard, our managers don’t have to touch the cash deposit at all. The second the cashier accepts money from the customer, they feed it directly into the bill reader, and it automatically gets deposited into the safe. It performs an instant counterfeit check and then creates a log of exactly how much cash we have on hand. At the end of the day, cashiers only have to count their drawers to the starting balance, and this prevents the inevitable confrontations that can occur between manager and employee when the drawer is short. On our end, we can remotely perform reconciliations without a manager or cashier being involved.”
Joe Hafez , Director of Operations Halal Guys

Testimonial – Pate

“The best part about the CashWizard smart safe with integrated tube vend is that it allows me to manage the cash we take in remotely. I log into the secure cloud portal from my office and can see exactly how much money was deposited after each shift—as well as run a variety of in-depth analytics and reports. At the end of the day, it significantly freed up my time and ultimately provided me with peace of mind.”
Kalpesh Pate, Owner Food & Fuel

Testimonial – Aldridge

“Our managers are of the same opinion as me. They absolutely love the CashWizard and for good reason. It is a foolproof system. From a cost relative to benefit standpoint, over the long-term, the savings in labor, less stress and of course, security, it is worth it.”
Tom Aldridge, Multi-Franchise Owner George Webb

Testimonial – Coles

“All of our staff seems to love the CashWizard smart safe. “None of them cared much for counting money. In a thrift store, there are lots of small bills. We used to fill-out reports when making cash drops to the bank and the whole process is now gone. They simply feed the safe and attach the receipt, which provides a record of who dropped what.”
Teresa Coles, Controller for Rescue Mission Alliance

Testimonial – Wiles

“One of the main factors that made me go with AMSEC was CashWizard’s cloud-based reporting,” Wiles said. “It is difficult when you have stores in different markets that you cannot get to every day. With the CashWizard cloud, you can go into each safe, see the last time a courier has picked-up, review inventory information and the other reporting it provides. You do not have to spend extra time tracking money.“Our office staff goes on-line every day and we know exactly what is deposited in the CashWizard safes. We treat it exactly like a bank deposit. As part of our daily routine, it is nice to pull it up on the computer and know the money is there. A day or two can make a huge difference when you are dealing with large sums of money.”
Brett Wiles, Franchise Owner Carl’s Junior

Testimonial – Prell

“AMSEC smart safes are at the top of the list to talk about as we continue to grow, It allows us to grow efficiently and ensure cash handling is secure. In the past, you could be blind to things that were happening in the stores from a cash perspective. With the AMSEC cloud you can find out instantly, we spend less time chasing cash and can focus on other activities. The CashWizard reports are syncing every 15 minutes. The reports are set-up to identify if a store is offline. It provides speed and efficiency. We use the reports every day and we appreciate AMSEC constantly improving the tools available to us.”
Jordan Prell, Finance Manager for BLD

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