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For over 70 years, AMSEC has been protecting the cash of retailers with the most reliable and secure safes on the market. Founded in 1946, we focus heavily on innovation and developing technologically advanced safes to meet the unique needs of our customers.

We have a passion and commitment to bring only the best products to the market. Our organization was built on service, and we take great pride in our personal approach to serving our customers. We strive to develop more reliable and secure solutions that provide full-featured connectivity. 

Through listening to the unique needs and challenges of our customers, we learned they were searching for a more efficient way of managing their cash. They required the ability to remotely administer to their fleet of smart safes through computers, smartphones, or tablets.

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We developed the CashWizard line of smart safes to help our customers with their cash management needs. Cash Wizard uses state-of-the-art technology to automate processes and manage data. It allows retailers to more efficiently manage their cash and provides them with unparalleled accuracy, connectivity, and security.

The CashWizard Smart Safe automates and performs many manual tasks that are prone to human error and theft. Users can remotely manage their safes or fleet of safes through our highly secure online portal. This allows them to gain instant visibility on cash totals and other essential business data.

Through our secure cloud platform, users can manage highly configurable settings and run customizable reports. This connectivity allows businesses to improve their cash management best practices and adds several additional layers of security and accountability.

The CashWizard line of smart safes helps store managers solve many of the cash management challenges that they face daily. It also helps free up employees from performing manual cash counts that are highly prone to human error and theft.

Once the CashWizard solution is implemented, we continually provide support and updates to our customers as needed. This level of flexibility and freedom enables you to improve your cash management processes and provides peace of mind knowing your money is safe and accounted for.

The CashWizard smart safe by AMSEC will help meet your unique cash management needs and give you more time to focus on business, employees, and customers. CashWizard can be tailored to your individual needs and can select from a wide range of software and hardware options.


70+ years of AMSEC experience
creating the most durable, secure and reliable money safes available.


Innovative cloud-based platform
connects you to critical data, analytics and reports.


Unparalleled commitment
to customer satisfaction including 24 hour customer service.

The CashWizard System

  • Centralized management connecting safes via cloud-based platform accessible from any Internet capable device
  • Provides easy to use customer managed, remote administration of users and reports
  • User-defined email alerts for exception-based management
  • Push-based API for cash transactions integrating with POS systems and reconciliation software

The CashWizard Vision

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